Finovate Presentation

Visual design

Concept and design for the software company’s Finovate presentation


Yodlee is a software company providing an aggregated account service that allows users to see credit card, bank, investment, email, and travel reward accounts, all on one screen. The company participates in Finovate, which is an annual showcase of finance technology innovations. During a one month contract, I was tasked with helping to bring their presentation concept for that year’s conference to life.

Working closely with another EchoUser designer, we created a clickable prototype to be used as the visual element for Yodlee’s Finovate presentation.

Visual Design

The short timeline of the project meant quick iterations and limited visual design exploration. We starting with a very basic deep dive and design workshop, and immediately began creating artifacts to facilitate fast client feedback. Taking wireframes created by my colleague, my role involved skinning them with the visual design direction decided in the workshop. Using the final prototype, Yodlee was able to have an extremely successful presentation at Finovate!