Internal Design Projects

UI Design | Visual design | Graphic Design

Lead designer for Yelp during their early years


When the company was not quite five years old, I became Yelp’s Lead Designer. During my time there, I hired and led the design team dedicated to advertising and marketing while the business grew from just over 200 employees, through IPO, and ultimately supported over 2,000 people globally. I was involved in design efforts across the company, including projects in web, mobile, marketing, advertising, public relations, swag, apparel, and interior design. Below is a small sampling of the work.


Branding something does not just mean putting a logo on it. Yelp swag was no exception. Be it a bottle opener, mug, or poncho, there was a conscious effort to showcase the quirky and fun brand in every piece. Working with Marketing and Community Management teams, I created a collection of Yelp swag, massager bags with custom-designed fabric, t-shirts for an extensive list of events, and Elite gifts such as a Yelpy watch.

Mobile & Interactive

Collaborating with the Yelp product team, I created visual design assets for multiple mobile and web features. An example of my work is the visual design for the check-in feature.

Additionally, I was responsible for generating an extensive collection of web and mobile icons. Here are a few examples.

Public Relations

The PR team needed a way to promote a group of female entrepreneurs (whose success was partially attributed to Yelp) on female-focused TV shows. I came up with a non-traditional press kit concept to illuminate the idea of women who wear multiple hats. I made custom dolls, accessories, packaging, and invitations to be sent to TV hosts.

Office Redesign

In collaboration with an interior design team from Studio O+A, I worked to develop a Yelp experience throughout the office. This included everything from rug and paint selections, to elevator graphics, and customized wallpaper.


At Yelp, I developed a process to manage the hundreds of requests from every department for print and production. The work included everything from designing Yelp’s Form S-1 (their document for IPO), to print ads, billboards, and community event posters. I set up relationships directly with print shops and international suppliers to deliver on-time and within budget for each department.