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Building the foundation for a new security management and configuration tool


Juniper Networks produces high-performance network solutions to help service providers, enterprises, and the public sector. The company collaborated with a team of EchoUser designers to create the foundation for Orchestrator, a new software defined network tool. I was responsible for reimagining how service providers monitored their security management and configuration settings.

A deep-dive into the product revealed the most complex tasks to target were the creation and management of device configurations. The main pain-points for service providers were:

  • Ramp-up time for new users.
  • Ability to assess configuration gaps or issues.
  • Creation of configurations for a new customer.
  • Management of multiple complex configurations across different environments.

Conceptual Model

A major design challenge was creating an intuitive interface for configurations while maintaining the complex functionality required for advanced security management. The first step in clarifying user intentions and actions was to develop a conceptual model. I led the Juniper team through several workshops to establish the direction. This revealed the four primary tasks users focused on: monitoring, configurations, maintenance, and reporting. The conceptual model provided a method to group functionality, and maintain focus on user goals.


Once the conceptual model was finalized, I used agile methodology to continually iterate and review design wireframes with the product team and target users.


The final deliverables provided the foundational framework and product direction for Juniper to develop the new tool. After completion of the project, Orchestrator was acquired by Pulse Secure, and has since been integrated into their product suite.